Ep. 162: How To Find Confidence in Your Style as a Tall Woman ft. Tori aka 6footabae

How To Find Confidence in Your Style as a Tall Woman ft. Tori aka 6footabae

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We are BACCCKKKKK with another episode of A Tall Girl’s Podcast! So glad you’re here :) Before I get into this episode I do wanna say make sure you’re following me on my socials @atallgirlspodcast on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest so that you can stay up to date on all of the latest podcast episodes and catch a glimpse of my everyday life. Also, feel free to leave me a review below and let me know how tall you are! 

Are you a tall girl struggling to find your style? Are you a tall girl trying to find confidence and comfortability in what you’re wearing? Then, this episode is for you! I have a new guest with me today - certified tall fashionista Tori (also known as 6footabae on the ‘gram) - and she gives her best tips to finding our style as tall women. Standing at 6’1” herself, Tori understands firsthand the struggles of finding clothing pieces that not only fit our length but also fit each of our unique bodies. Tune in to the full episode as we discuss tall girl fashion and styling tips, finding confidence, our take on the fashion industry being height inclusive, what it was like growing up tall, and more! 

Here are her deets: 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/6footabae/

Thank you so so much for tuning in to this episode, I really appreciate it and I appreciate you. As always, feel free to hit me or Tori up on our socials and let us know what you thought of this episode. Also, let us know your take on the evolution of the fashion industry in terms of being height inclusive. We’d love to hear your take! I’ll catch you in the next one! 

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