About The Show 

A Tall Girl's Podcast is podcast that promotes body positivity to the tall communtiy. I share body confidence tips, solutions to the struggles of the "#talllife", funny stories, tall girl problem commentary, and more! Stick around to join the journey! 

Meet The Host 


Hi there! My name is India and I am the host of A Tall Girl's Podcast. I am 5'10' (5 feet and 10 inches). This puts me about 6 inches above the average height of a female in the US. While I may be on the shorter side of the tall spectrum, I have struggled with my self esteem because of my height. Growing up, I've always been told that tall girls are intimidating and only good for sports liek basketball and volleyball. But, I believe we are WAY MORE than some number on a tape measure. And, I'm here to spread that. Fun facts about me: I enjoy playing music, cooking, and traveling to new places.