Ep. 161: Why Don't People Take Tall Women Seriously?

Why Don’t People Take Tall Women Seriously? 

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4 days. 4 DAYS and I’m gone. I’m skidaddling. I’m leaving. I’m outta here. 4 days left till my trip to London next Tuesday. Am I packed? Nope. Do I have everything I need to pack? Also nope. BUT I got a ticket (well really 2 for me and my mom lol) and a hotel room in London that I plan on using. So sayonara, au revoir, hasta la vista, ciao, see you never. Lol my high school French teacher used to say the last one. “See you never”. 

Fun fact, my high school used to have a day called Founder’s Day (don’t really know why) and every year, there was a senior skit. And in the skit, the storyline typically surrounds a new student who enrolls in our high school and other students show that person around and they meet all the teachers. So, in the skit I played that French teacher, and I got to say “bye bye, see you neverrrr”. Lol ICONIC. I needa find that video. 

Today’s episode topic is tall women downplaying their height, leading people to not take them seriously. I want to talk about the #1 reason why tall women feel the need to shrink themselves both figuratively and literally. This particular reason leads to tall women downplaying their height and presence and it can ultimately affect other people’s perceptions towards us. 

There are a number of ways that tall women downplay their height. Hunching over. Speaking in a softer or high-pitched voice. Avoiding heels. Wearing clothes that make them appear shorter. Are you guilty of any of these?

But why do we feel the need to act a certain way? Tune in to the full episode below to find out! 

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