Ep. 119: Your Lack of Self-Compassion Is Ruining Your Confidence 

Your Lack of Self-Compassion Is Ruining Your Confidence 

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Gewwwdd morning everybody! Or gewd afternoon. Or gewd evening lol. Depending on when you’re seeing this. Before I get into this episode, I do want to say make sure you are following me on my socials @atallgirlspodcast on Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest so that you can stay updated on all of the latest podcast episodes and catch a glimpse of my everyday life. Also, feel free to leave a review below and let me know how tall you are! 

Y’all we completed our first week of college!! Well, ‘we’?? I don’t necessarily know whether or not you’re in school, but if you are, we’re in the same boat currently lol. But I would say that this first week was pretty good. Like I’m meeting new people already which is awesome. And if you didn't know, last year at this time I was literally crying my eyes out because I was struggling with that. 

But it seems to no longer be a struggle, which is awesome. I also like the class that I’m currently taking. That also makes sense because now I’m taking classes for my major (Entrepreneurship) and I’m meeting more like-minded people so that’s also cool. The only thing that I can complain about is the transit system. The trains are so delayed here because of track work, but ya know what that’s what happens when you live in a big city :///

And even though this first week went really well, I still somehow found a way to talk negatively to and about myself. I’d beat myself up for not making friends fast enough or I wasn’t transitioning into the new year seamlessly enough or I didn’t complete my work fast enough. And it’s like why??? It’s literally the first week. It’s SUPPOSED to be chaotic. The first month is actually SUPPOSED TO BE CHAOTIC. 

Why am I beating myself up because of something that is completely new to me? And then at one point, I began to realize that I used to do this to myself relating to my height. Why? And how did that play a role in my low confidence? Tune in to the full episode below for more! 

Thank you so so much for tuning in to this episode, I really appreciate it, and I appreciate you. As always, feel free to hit me up on my socials @atallgirlspodcast and let me know if you’ve ever experienced something like this before and if you’re back to school or work or just trying something new. Also, don’t forget to leave a review below! I’ll catch you in the next one! 

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